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    woman enjoying fruits in restaurant

    Fav Cheese: Blueberry Goat & Creamy Herb

    Amanda Starley

    Amanda is a life long foodie that specializes in charcuterie. She’s passionate about good food, good drinks and good company! She’s married to her college sweetheart and loves spending time cheering on her 3 boys while they play sports . She’s an enneagram 7, serial traveler, adventure seeker, unashamed reality TV lover, life-liver and wedding dancing enthusiast.
    couple with their dog

    Fav Cheese: Crumbly Cheddar & Fiesta Gouda

    Nathan And Lauren Dove

    Nathan and Lauren are current residents of Grand Central Park and are excited to help bring this concept to life! Both having vast Operational backgrounds, Lauren’s love for interior decorating and Nathan’s has a restaurant background. They see this concept developing into something the whole family can enjoy! They have 3 children Lawson, Cheyenne, Scarlett.
    The Bontrager Family

    Fav Cheese: Blueberry Goat & Creamy Herb

    Ryan And Ashley Snell

    Ryan and Ashley are high school sweethearts, with 3 kids and 2 dogs. They are entrepreneurs at heart and together they run several successful businesses and a household! For fun they love to take trips, swimming, working out, being active outside, and hosting gatherings with friends and family! Ryan’s love for dad jokes is unmatched and Ashley’s creative endeavors keep her busy in all of her “free time”. Their love for wine, creating, & charcuterie helped breathe life into this concept and space.